Faculty of Education


Dr.Kayigema Jacques, Dean
Dr. Tumusabyimana Veronique
Dr. Kanyarukiga Ephraim
Mrs.Rosa Padilla Castro
Semana Javan
Imaniriho Dan
Namuyaba Juliana
Ndagijimana Amon
Hategekimana Charles
Mukantagara M. Odette
Mugerwa Paul
Kakwezi L. Jubilee
Gisanabagabo Sebuhuzu
Butera Anastase
Ndayambaje Felix

Course Outlines


The mission of the Faculty of Education at AUCA is to prepare professional educators
at the undergraduate level who can function effectively in a culturally
pluralistic society and who are dedicated to assist individuals in reaching
their potentials in the service to God and humanity.   The Education Faculty at
AUCA is approved by the Ministry of Education of The Republic of Rwanda for
the preparation of secondary school teachers and accredited by the
Adventist Accrediting Association of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide.


The objectives of the Faculty of Education include:

  • The development of competent and professional teachers to serve effectively in public , private and the Seventh-day Adventist Schools in and outside the Republic of Rwanda
  • The provision of opportunities for graduating students to seek further Education on the same.


The person completing the program in psychology will be able to:

  1. To teach courses in psychology and educational psychology;
  2. To ensure the administration and management of primary and secondary schools and other institutions of education and training;
  3. To administer and supervise district elementary and secondary schools;
  4. To work in any field involving psychology and pedagogy;
  5. To do research in the field of education and training.

Dr.Kayigema Jacques , Dean


The Faculty of Education subscribes to the philosophy that man was created in the image of God but as a result of willful disobedience sin has marred his God given attributes and divine likeness.  This philosophy recognizes that the object of Education is also the one of redemption “ to restore in man the image of his maker and bring him back to the perfection in which he was created”.  Therefore the work of redemption is the work of Education, which involves the development of the whole person physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.